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Industry Standards

ISA is committed to applying LEAN principals across our channel. By developing and implementing industry standards that minimize non-value work activity, we help member companies streamline processes, reduce cost and increases productivity.

ISA POS Standard

ISA has moved the competency from data crunching to marketing analytics, helping channel partners win better and faster.

Implementing this standard template in your ERP allows you and your channel partners to share three different levels of relevant data in a consistent format. Leverage the power of marketing analytics as your relationship expands.

The following companies founded and have implemented the standard into their business:

Vallen, 3M, MSC, Martin Supply, Master Fluid Solutions, Haggard & Stocking, Stanley Black & Decker, Sandvik Coromont, Seco, Walter, Dormer & Pramet

Download The Standard

IMR 2.0 Platform

An ISA standard that automates a LEAN sales process allowing you to focus your efforts on real-time collaboration with your Manufacturer principals and Distributor partners.

The IMR 2.0 Platform eliminates activity reports and is built with industry specific custom fields that prepare the IMR right out of the box – no IT needed.

Create real differentiation through certification for your business. Learn More

Explore the Platform IMR 2.0 Platform FAQ's

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